ALISE and LISA versus Li-ion comercial state of the art


2 kinds of Li-ion available on the markets, High Power OR High Energy (e.g. LTO or Graphite based anode)

High energy Lithium Sulfur cell achievements is 440 and 360 Wh kg-1 respectively at C/10 and at C/5, OXIS Energy Ltd by 2019

ALISE cell demonstrators have always been lighter respect commercial stat-of-the-art and reached finally 21 Ah 325 Wh kg-1, 340 Wh L-1 at C/5, 80% of the C/5 BoL at 1C, 80% BoL and 80% DoD for 95 cycles.

LISA project (GA Nº814471), started in Feb. 2019, is dedicating to Lithium Sulfur technology and specifically lithium metal protection from organic and inorganic materials including roll-to-roll production processes beyond the laboratory scale. LISA lithium sulfur cell objectives are 20 Ah, 450 Wh kg-1, 700 Wh L-1, 700 W kg-1, 1000 cycles at 80% BoL.




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