Project structure

Overall structure of the work plan

ALISE is a pan European collaboration focused on the development and commercial scale-up of new materials and on the understanding of the electrochemical processes involved in the lithium sulphur technology. The project aims to develop a significant scalable device in order to enable its integration in hybrid electric and electric vehicle. The first specification step will be critical in order to define both materials and a homogenous working method to enable an efficient collaboration between partners. In a general manner, risks and a cycle life assessment will be lead along the entire project from the very beginning  of the project to the study of the recycling (cradle to grave LCA/LCC). The epicentre strategy of the project is focused on the material elaboration, optimized from the state of the art, and in constant evolution during the first three years of the project with a strong connection in consortium activities which will include the cell design, scale-up and modelling studies.

The last year of the project will be focused on the assembly of a complete unit cell or pack cell where all tests will be performed at a platform level. Specifically ageing test will be studied where a theoretical model will be developed and compare to the experimental data in order to enable a new method for the prediction of failure and ageing of this new energy storage device. Exploitation and dissemination will be lead during the entire project. In the same way, the scientific coordination and administrative and financial management will also be followed along the entire project.