Beyond Lithium-Ion Workshop

The Beyond Lithium-Ion Workshop – From Current Research to Industrial Application is a unique high-level event organized by Leitat and Varta Microbatteries bringing together international speakers to show the evolution of post lithium-ion technologies.

It will take place on October 2nd, 2018 at Nice Acropolis, France.

This event will be dedicated to the exchange of knowledge from current running European collaborative projects and industrial development dedicated to post lithium for stationary or electrical mobility. It is organised in the framework of ALISE and ALION Horizon 2020 founded projects developing post-lithium batteries. The event will be moderated by Deborah Creamer, Senior Consultant and Director at Optimat.

The program is composed of the following 3 sessions:

  • Session nº1: EU-Funded Research on Post Lithium-Ion
  • Session nº2: Technologies manufacturing opportunities and barriers
  • Session nº3: Technologies integration opportunities and barriers

You are invited to submit a poster as well as to bring a prototype that you will be able to present in the exhibition space.

Download the catalogue of the workshop!

The workshop will take place on the first day of the Batteries Conference.

More tan 90 attendees present



Jena Batteries - CEGASA - OXIS Energy Ltd - SEEO - Samsung

Blue Solutions - Ariane Group - Zinium



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