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ALISE demo

3 cells generation and 2 modules generation built respectively by OXIS Energy Ltd and Williams Advanced Engineering (Module level: 2.1 kWh, 173 Wh kg-1, 24.45 Ah, 82V, UN38.3 mechanical test succes) Dummy Battery pack is built by FICOSA containing all interfaces (electrical, thermal, mechanical) ready to host Li-S cells New sensors for Li-S SoC and…
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ALISE and LISA versus Li-ion comercial state of the art

  2 kinds of Li-ion available on the markets, High Power OR High Energy (e.g. LTO or Graphite based anode) High energy Lithium Sulfur cell achievements is 440 and 360 Wh kg-1 respectively at C/10 and at C/5, OXIS Energy Ltd by 2019 ALISE cell demonstrators have always been lighter respect commercial stat-of-the-art and reached…
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ALISE patents and publications

9 publications and 5 patents have been submitted or currently under preparation, and mostly related to new developments on material and processes, applicable for Li-S either Li-ion or Si/C-ion. U. Zubair, et al. Dual confinement of sulphur with rGO wrapped microporous carbon from B-cyclodextrin nanosponges as a cathode material for Li-S batteries, Journal of Solid-State…
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